Zenvo Automotive A/S

Zenvo Automotive’s trademark synergy approach, where design and technology are equally important in the development, has given birth to a very special hypercar with day-to-day drivability and a performance/exclusivity blend that is second to none. Power comes from the in-house developed turbocharged and supercharged 6.8 litre V8 engine, that produces 1104 hp and 0-100 km/h acceleration in 3.0 seconds. The latest product updates on Zenvo ST 1 have focused on improving and implementing a brand new gearbox solution, which is true to the hypercar philosophy in terms of speed and performance, but also in control and comfort. In essence, the new gearbox comes with helical cut wheels combined with dog engagement rings, utilizing the best from both road and race car technologies. This solution is unique for road cars, and coupled with the proprietary developed advanced new gearshift system, gear changes are performed in as little as 35 milliseconds, which is a world record for production road cars with non-double clutch transmission.

Zenvo’s ST 1s also feature the brand-new in-house developed ESP, Traction Control and Launch Control systems, which are individually selectable in each of the 3 power modes for added performance, safety and versatility. Moreover, the carbon ceramic front brakes have been increased in size to 395 mm and along with improved brake cooling, this update ensures top braking performance under all conditions. Zenvo ensure that no two Zenvo ST 1’s are the same – every car is custom built through an array of customization options for exterior color, wheels, interior trim and materials. The latest additions in the customization program have focused on more luxury and added comfort. For instance, the interior has been revised with new ergonomic seats, a redesigned center console and gearshift as well as an improved media interface. This year Zenvo have also introduced a new directional allow wheel design.


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