Take a setting unmatched in its grandeur. Assemble a lineup of automotive prestige you simply won’t find anywhere else, complemented by exquisite hospitality and discerning brands. Populate this stunning scene with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic audience. Welcome to Salon Privé Blenheim Palace.

28th–31st August 2024.


Exquisite Hospitality

Sumptuous cuisine, wine and entertainment, in lavish but relaxed surroundings, are an integral part of the Salon Privé experience. Socialise in style whilst soaking up all the colour and verve of the accompanying spectacle.

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Unrivalled Prestige

With nearly 20 years of impeccable heritage, the Salon Privé Concours, presented by Aviva, stands alone. As the only UK event overseen by ICJAG judges, it offers an unmatched experience for entrants and spectators alike. Once again only the most sought-after and acclaimed classic automobiles will assemble on the majestic lawns of Blenheim Palace in search of the ultimate recognition and renown.

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Spectacular Debuts

As ever, we welcome the nobility of the luxury car world, showcasing their latest models, to Salon Privé Blenheim Palace. This distinguished setting provides the natural stage to introduce new launches to the assembled motoring media. Our eagerly expectant guests enjoy a front-row seat for the theatrical thrill of the latest debutants being grandly unveiled.

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Discerning Luxury

Salon Privé presents a select ensemble of the very finest brands,  appealing to every aspect of the connoisseur lifestyle, in our Luxury Retail Village. Expertise, passion and an uncompromising dedication to quality unite all our exhibitors. It’s a wonderful opportunity to engage with them in an informal and exclusive setting.

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The Ultimate Kick-off Party

Be part of the first-ever Salon Privé MotorAvia – a kick-off party unmatched in the UK. Guests will be treated to a close-up view of some of the world’s most remarkable aeroplanes and helicopters surrounded by specially curated automotive displays. Feast on a gourmet walking dining experience with Pommery champagne and cocktails from London Essence served alongside.

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Additional photography courtesy of: Hagerty / Motorlux

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