Antoine Dufilho’s artistic journey is deeply rooted in his diverse background in art and medicine. His early exposure to the plastic arts came from his great uncle, an actor, painter, and sculptor, which laid a creative foundation for his future endeavors. Initially pursuing a medical career, Dufilho spent three years studying human mechanics. However, he found that the rigid structure of the medical field stifled his creative expression.

Seeking a more balanced path, Dufilho transitioned to architectural studies. This change introduced him to a new approach to sculpture, particularly focusing on the framework of structures. He became fascinated with the concept of exposing frameworks, which reveal a dynamic interplay of fullness and emptiness, bringing a sense of lightness and movement to his work.

After graduating from the Lille School of Architecture and Landscape, Dufilho constructed his studio in the Lille countryside using maritime containers. In this innovative space, he experimented with various techniques, including casting and welding, gradually developing his unique aesthetic. His self-taught approach allowed him to evolve and refine his style over time.

In 2012, Dufilho decided to devote himself entirely to his art. His work began to attract attention, and his distinct style started to assert itself. Represented in several prestigious galleries in cities such as Paris, Geneva, Taipei, Los Angeles, and Miami, Dufilho’s sculptures have gained international acclaim. His pieces are known for their dynamic interplay of structure and space, reflecting his deep understanding of both artistic and mechanical principles.

Antoine Dufilho’s journey from medicine to architecture and finally to sculpture illustrates his commitment to creative expression. His work continues to evolve, characterized by a unique blend of precision and creativity that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Address: 101 Rue Des 4 Bonniers,
Quesnoy Sur Deule,
Tel: +33 (0) 632 165828
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