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In 1955, Sir David Brown moved Aston Martin to Newport Pagnell and later introduced Aston Martin Works, setting the company on a path that never wavered in the pursuit of uncompromising excellence, innovation and understated style.

Over 60 years later, Aston Martin Works continues to operate from the same legendary Newport Pagnell facility where 13,300 cars were once hand-built and it has become a world-famous exemplar for the British sports car marque. From sales, to extensive aftersales service, authentic restoration and production, accident repair and our unique Assured Provenance program, Aston Martin Works offers the most comprehensive levels of expertise and service.

In 2017, Aston Martin Works became the home of the Continuation series as new car production restarted with the DB4 GT Continuation. Limited to 25 units each example was crafted using a blend of time-honoured artisan methods with modern production techniques and delivered to clients the world over. This success has paved the way for the further new car production with the DB4 GT Zagato Continuation and the Goldfinger DB5 Continuation.

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