Vorsprung durch Technik – a slogan synonymous with progression, technology and pushing automotive boundaries. It’s a mission statement Audi has lived by for 50 years and at no point in their history has that phrase been more prevalent than it is today.

Audi is taking bold steps into the world of electrification; not only have they promised to launch 10 plug- in hybrids and 20 fully electric vehicles by 2025, but they have also committed to making all of their production facilities around the world carbon neutral by the same date. They aren’t just electrifying their showrooms, but their business, too.

And no two cars showcase Audi’s electrical expertise better than the e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT. Designed from the ground up as fully electric vehicles, they pack performance, sustainability and technology into an elegant four-door coupé bodystyle. Mark Lichte, Audi’s Head of Design, even described the e-tron GT as the most beautiful car he had ever created.

But even before the first emission-free mile has been covered, there are numerous nods to Audi’s sustainability focus with the e-tron GT. The leather-free upholstery comprises a new material called Cascade, which is produced using recycled materials such as polyester fibres made from old plastic bottles and textiles, while the floor carpet and floor mats are made from Econyl, a material consisting of 100 per cent recycled nylon fibres from production waste, fabric, or even old fishing nets.

Both e-tron GTs are powered by a 93kWh battery, located beneath the floor of both cars and between the axles, which drives two electric motors. In the e-tron GT they combine to deliver up to 530PS and in the RS e-tron GT that figure swells to a 646PS. Enough to slingshot from 0-62mph in just 3.3 seconds – that’s electrifying performance.

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