Made in Britain, from sustainably sourced materials, a Breeze House gazebo transforms your garden into a destination and offers a space to rediscover what is important to you. A retreat in nature to feed your soul and find clarity in comfort. A place to cherish moments with friends and family and make luxury a part of your everyday life.

This year, Breeze House is delighted to have worked in collaboration with Avalana Design to take “luxury in nature” to a whole new level, with a bespoke interior design for the Limited-Edition Oval Cape gazebo.

Intricate hand-painted designs by Avalana, inspired by tropical plant species and wildlife in their natural habitats, adorn exquisite soft furnishings and a spectacular ceiling mural imitating a rainforest canopy – creating a space to feel connected with nature – with a touch of added opulence.

With a shared love of the extraordinary beauty of our natural world and a belief that our homes and gardens should be a sanctuary, this collaboration will transport you to a place of wonderment and escapism.

Offering everything from neat circular buildings, which blend beautifully with your garden’s landscape to bespoke buildings with the most stunning multi-functions spaces, and everything in between, the Breeze House team will be on hand at Salon Privé to help you find your perfect garden retreat.

Address: Sunnyhills Road,
ST13 5RJ
United Kingdom

Tel: + 44 (0) 1538 398 488
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