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CCM Motorcycles prepare to celebrate their Golden Jubilee in 2021, however this great British family firm was conceived almost by accident. Back in the late 1960s, keen motorcyclist Alan Clews just loved to ride. During the week, he would ride his bike to work and when the weekend arrived, he would compete in trials and scramble events with some success.

His competitive spirit craved a better bike, so he approached BSA, the bike manufacturer of the day to beat. His drive and enthusiasm however was soon extinguished by a flat refusal, so Alan’s determination took him off to his shed to create his very own race machine. His efforts were lauded by his peers and soon money was changing hands and with a number of orders for subsequent models placed, a new bike manufacturer was born!

CCM went on to race successfully against a host of works teams in motocross, trials and road racing internationally throughout the 60s and into the new millennium. Ultimately, running a works team at this level became such a costly pursuit, that the decision was made to take these skills and create a range of road legal machines.

Fast forward to The London Motorcycle Show 2017, as the covers are lifted off a totally new model: The Spitfire was a radically different motorcycle consisting of 150 individually numbered, stripped-back specials. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect as the market looked for something pure and uncluttered amongst the homogenized ranks of mass-produced machinery on display. Within one short week, every single build slot had been snapped up!

Many of these machines sit on display as automotive works of art, as the Spitfire series of Scramblers, Café Racers, Flat Trackers and Bobbers reinvigorated this great British family brand and they continue to produce individual, hand built machines of character and repute.

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