Charabanc is the world’s first luxury car fragrance brand.

Inspired by the golden age of travel, it comprises a finely handcrafted, stencilled-steel pomander encased in leather and has been truly engineered as befits a product designed for the motorcar. Its aesthetic takes inspiration from classic car interiors with all their unmistakable attention to detail. Furthermore, the product is made using the very best of British manufacturers. Charabanc’s fragrances – or fragrance journeys – have been designed to evoke the flora and aromatic qualities of some of the world’s most iconic drives. So ‘Across Pennine Fells’ suggests a fresh British earthiness and ‘Along the Plain of Castelluccio’ conjures up the wild meadows of Umbria. Further afield, the heady, smoky scents of the Middle East are captured in ‘The Golden Road to Samarqand’ while ‘Journey to Tai Mo Shan’ resonates with the after-the-monsoon lushness of China. Finally, ‘Monument Valley Drive’ delivers a big, audacious, American desert scent. Each scent has notes of leather and wood to suggest the olfactory microcosm of a vintage car.

Charabanc is available in three classic motoring colours – London Tan, Racing Green and Orient Black. The Pomander has been cleverly engineered to hang free from a rear-view mirror, fit neatly into the a/c unit, using the magnetic metal clip, or rest snugly in a coffee cup holder, depending on one’s preferred aesthetic and fragrance throw.

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