Clive Sutton is one of the UK’s leading dealerships and bespoke builders for luxury and performance cars. Based in central London, the specialist car dealership has a client-base that spans across the UK and internationally. Clive Sutton is the official UK distributor and importer for several American marques.

Clive Sutton are proud to reveal two vehicles which express the very best of their skills and experience in luxury coachbuilding and performance tuning. The first being their CS850GT, the flagship model that represents an accumulation of experience running our high-performance Mustang program running since 2015. This is the launch of the UK’s most powerful Mustang, pushing out no less than 850BHP – an answer to the GT500 that was never built for the UK market. This was accomplished by installing a custom Whipple supercharger paired with a massive intercooler, a quad active XFORCE exhaust, substantial handling, and chassis upgrades – no strangers to high performance Mustangs, it’s a work of art both inside and out.

Their second launch dives into a very special part of their coachbuilding program, something they have been specialising in for over 20 years with Mercedes Benz based vehicles. The Sutton VIP Class Taxi LEVC is arguably the world’s most luxurious Taxi. It features a fully redesigned luxurious interior with rear seats angled for comfort, sharing parts with both Bentley and Rolls-Royce. On top of the comfort upgrades, the interior is as high-tech as it is luxurious – occupants have access to haptic climate controls, Apple TV media screen, Rolls Royce electric door closure and many special features – a truly unique Taxi experience if ever there was one.

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