Clive Sutton is a leading luxury and performance car dealership and bespoke builder in the UK. Located in the heart of central London, they cater to a diverse clientele not only within the UK but also on an international scale. With their extensive experience and expertise in the automotive industry, Clive Sutton has earned a prominent position as one of the leading dealerships in the country.

What sets Clive Sutton apart is their role as the official UK distributor and importer for various prestigious American car brands. This distinction allows them to provide exclusive access to iconic American marques, granting customers a unique opportunity to own and experience these exceptional vehicles. By offering an impressive range of luxury and performance cars, along with their commitment to delivering top-notch customer service, Clive Sutton has solidified its reputation as a go-to destination for discerning car enthusiasts seeking excellence and distinction in the automotive world.

Address: 151 Park Road,
Lords Roundabout,
St Johns Wood,
United Kingdom

Tel: + 44 (0) 2074 836 500
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