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Cranfield Simulation is a high technology, supercar and race car simulator brand with a unique heritage in aerospace and professional motorsport. Founded in 1997 the Company is acknowledged as a global leader in fully immersive motion cueing simulators, offering an exclusive product tailored to you.

This British Company brings together the state-of-the-art motion cueing technology, ultra-realistic road and race circuit software, and UHD display screen or Virtual Reality solutions to produce a unique driving simulator for your home. For the discerning owner-driver who has a range of high-performance cars and a desire to hone their driving skills, they can switch between their choice of cars at the press of a button. For the most discerning customers the simulator can also be configured through our bespoke service to visually replicate the car of your choice.

Through its unique sustained motion cueing technology, the Cranfield Simulator delivers the most realistic simulation available and will allow you to challenge yourself on some of the world’s most demanding race circuits and most beautiful driving roads in the comfort of your own home. To further enhance your driving skills online instruction can be provided by competition winning racing drivers and coaches.

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