Dallara Stradale represents the synthesis of the professional experiences gained by Giampaolo Dallara in over 50 years of work. The first exemplar of Dallara Stradale was delivered to him on the day of his 80th birthday. Mr Dallara drove the car out from the building where, almost fifty years earlier, all of its history had begun. A journey starting from Varano de ‘Melegari that has brought Dallara cars to compete in the most important championships from around the world; from Formula 3 to IndyCar. The Dallara Stradale, in fact, is a machine created to combine the adrenaline of racing with the pleasure of driving; a car designed to fully enhance the Dallara core competencies: aerodynamics, design with carbon-fibre composites and vehicle dynamics, perfected with the professional driving simulator. A car designed to rediscover the essence of the “travel for the sake of travel”, pursuing excellence in every journey, in pure Dallara style.

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