The British Honey Company provide pure 100% British honey straight from the hive, retaining all its natural goodness. They believe every jar of honey should be as fresh-tasting as possible, which is why they let their bees do the work by themselves.

With a love for Gin and Honey, The British Honey Company produces the delicious Keepr’s Dry London Gin infused with Cotswold Honey in small batches from 300-500 bottles and each batch can be traced back to the hive the honey came from. Expanding their product range with a delicious selection of spirits inspired by the British countryside using locally sourced fruit. The range includes British Raspberry & Honey Gin, English Strawberry and Lavender Gin, and many more.

International award-winning Master Distiller Jamie Baggott joined the team in September 2018 and with his knowledge and genius is building the range with the introduction of several new gins, rums, vodkas and an award-winning Single Malt New Make Spirit for the production of their own Whisky. Where possible, The British Honey Company aim to reduce their carbon footprint and recently opted to install an electric still at their distillery near Oxford. This still is cleaner and reduces emissions to the environment. The majority of stills are currently using oil and gas, which is not good for our environment.

From hive to bottle.

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