Nardone Automotive is a French company based in Aix-En-Provence that operates in the non-conservative restoration sector: the restomod of the Porsche 928 is its first product. The founder, Thierry Nardone, 39, is a great car enthusiast and has always cultivated a deep passion for the so-called “transaxle” Porsche, which he is serenely obsessed with.

To make his dream come true, Thierry Nardone has surrounded himself with a series of partners of the highest level, true professional masters in the fields of design, interior cladding, engineering, engine development and chassis and transmissions, united by a common driving force to create something unique and extraordinary together:

Studio BorromeodeSilva in Milan and Podium Advanced Technologies in Pont St. Martin (AO), the same companies that designed and built the Amos Futurista Automobiles.

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