Rediscover your favourite music through these exquisite acoustic sculptures from Node. Designed and made in Cambridge, each pair of loudspeakers are manufactured using advanced 3D printing to create the ultimate expression of technology and art in perfect harmony.

After years of development, Node’s debut speaker Hylixa is the culmination of numerous technical innovations to deliver music with such fidelity, that you believe the artist is in the room with you.

Notably, their patent-pending design does away with a traditional speaker box, instead incorporating a clever internal passageway to produce deep, rich sound from its slender body, which is making waves in the audio industry, as Director Ashley May explains:

“We are the first in the world to use a process known as ‘laser sintering’, which is an advanced form of 3D printing. It provides complete design and manufacturing freedom, allowing us to design out the acoustic and aesthetic compromises of a speaker box. There have been beautiful speakers in the past, but many have been acoustically compromised. The streamlined profile of our loudspeakers is the direct result of pursuing the pinnacle in acoustic reproduction”.

These may well be the speakers with the lowest drag coefficient in the word, but the automotive link doesn’t stop there. Last year they were invited to make a special ‘Bentley100’ edition to celebrate the mark Centenary, finished in Bentley British racing green.

Node’s Hylixa speakers are surely a celebration in the Best-of-British innovation and workmanship and are returning the Salon Privé as the shows luxury audio brand.

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