At Opus, their mission is to produce definitive publications featuring the finest writers, stunning images displayed on an epic scale and presented in a beautifully designed, luxury format.

The official cooperation of the governing body, company, club or individual associated with each Opus allows them to take you closer to the biggest names in sport, fashion, music and the arts than ever before.

Words are contributed by the finest writers and interviewers in their fields, accompanied by hundreds of rare and previously unpublished archive images, specially commissioned photos and beautiful illustrations. Typically, an Opus also contains several showpiece gatefolds, which open up to a massive 200cm x 50cm, allowing images to be displayed on an unprecedented scale.

Individually hand-bound and designed to stand the test of time, available in strictly limited-edition print runs worldwide and personally signed by legends, every Opus is a collectors’ item offering investment potential and pleasure for generations to come.

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