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Overdrive Club provides a community for true automotive enthusiasts. No matter the vehicle, from Abarth to Zagato, we provide exceptional driving tours that represent a spirit of adventure and reflect our passion for everything on four (and sometimes two) wheels.

With no entry restrictions, Overdrive Club welcomes members from all corners of the automotive world. Offering hand-picked and specially curated tours and experiences, we have something that will appeal to every member.

Our European tours offer unforgettable experiences such as staying in the Pic Du Midi Observatory or a helicopter tour of the Norwegian Fjords, all combined with incredible driving roads, exceptional hotels and fantastic dining. All our tours include the option to transport cars to the tour start. Clients can travel separately, eliminating time spent on motorways, reducing precious mileage and maximising the amount of time spent enjoying incredible locations.

In addition to driving tours, Overdrive Club members have access to a variety of nationwide events, from ‘cars and coffee’ meets, to weekend trips in the UK, and everything in between. All our events encompass the same spirit of hand-picked experience, fantastic locations and quality service.

A network of regional ambassadors means that regardless of location, Overdrive Club caters for the wider petrolhead community, from Land’s End to John o’ Groats.


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