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Renauld is a luxury, heritage sunglass brand founded in the 1960’s that is regarded as the maker of the world’s finest driving sunglasses. Its incredible past combines motor racing legends with the world’s most beautiful supercars and Hollywood icons. There is the ‘Jim Clarke by Renauld’, as worn by the motor racing luminary during his Formula One years, or the ‘Rossano’, which was immortalised in the opening scene of the 1962 film, ‘The Italian Job’. Picture the orange, Lamborghini Miura as it wound its way around the Great St Bernard Pass, actor Rossano Brazzi sat cooly at the wheel in his iconic wraparound Renauld’s with Matt Monroe’s, ‘Days Like These’ providing the timeless soundtrack. It’s thanks to this scene that Renauld captured the hearts of luxury car enthusiasts worldwide.

Each Renauld sunglass is a limited-edition piece, crafted by hand by the brand’s leading eye atelier in Italy and accompanied with a signed certificate of authentication. Rarer sunglass models include an authenticated piece of memorabilia from historic icons including Steve McQueen, James Dean and Elvis encased within the Renauld ‘Keepsake’ Marque in the frame or temple tip of the sunglass. As this memorabilia is finite in nature, each sunglass is extremely collectible.

Renauld has therefore pioneered a way of recording the value of each of its sunglasses with and without a keepsake, which will be established and communicated via a strictly private and protected audience using the Renauld ‘ValueBond’ platform.

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