The Panama hat Company source only the very best materials and combine these with hand-crafted skills, renowned for over 36 years. Generations of passion and our drive for quality makes our genuine ‘Panamas Woven in Ecuador, Hand-Made in England’ a special product.

Panama straw is a material which is both appealing to feel and beautiful to look at. The Panama straw is produced especially for us by over 500 weavers in Ecuador and with continued use and love, Panamas age and combine both luxury and functionality making a long-lasting biodegradable and sustainable fashion piece.

The Panama Hat Company combine the best of everything – the best straw, the best components and the skills of the best craftsmen and women to produce your best Panama. Bespoke, or off the shelf we pride ourselves on producing your personal and unique headpiece perfectly matched to your lifestyle!

Address: 32 Guildford Street,
Hat House,
Ground Floor,
United Kingdom

Tel: + 44 (0) 2082 030 044
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