The Panama Hat Company

What makes The Panama Hat company stand out from other brands is their commitment to source only the very best quality raw materials and combine these with the hand-crafted manufacturing skills of their workforce, refined through 36 years of experience. Generations of passion and their drive for perfection is what The Panama Hat Company delivers in its ‘Woven in Ecuador, Hand-Made in England’ production.

Panama straw is a sensuous material which is both appealing to the touch and pleasing to the eye. They have their panama straw produced especially for them by over 500 weavers in Ecuador. With continued use and love, their Panamas age and combine both luxury and functionality giving a long-lasting beautiful item. A truly hand-crafted Woven in Ecuador and ‘Made in England’ product.

At The Panama Hat Company they combine the best of everything – the best straw, the best components and the skills of the best craftsmen and women to produce the highest quality Panama Hat. They pride themselves on doing things here uniquely; they only want to produce the best.

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