Thornton Hundred Motorcycles are specialists in the design and manufacture of bespoke motorcycles, giving clients complete individuality and the ultimate road presence in the form of a machine on two wheels.

Thornton Hundred was created to give customers a truly unique modification experience. Based in the heart of Buckinghamshire, 5 miles from Silverstone circuit which is world renowned for its Formula 1 roots, this area is saturated with world-class engineering and design firms which Thornton use to their advantage.

TH understand that every customer is different, and they strive to give our customers the opportunity to be involved in the build process of their motorcycle, or to buy a finished bespoke motorcycle. TH never build the same thing twice, so all of the creations maintain their individuality and exclusivity. Whether it be custom paint, supercharging or wide wheel kits for motorcycling prominence, Thornton Hundred can accommodate almost any customer request to build their own dream machine and work to realistic timescales.

Reliability and usability are at the forefront of what Thornton Hundred stand for, so it’s no surprise to see the bikes with thousands of miles racked up in all weathers. Thornton revises every part of the bikes to ensure that they can withstand the harshest environments whilst retaining aesthetic brilliance.

Each bike receives a hand built bespoke exhaust system which is designed and built to match each bike individually. Thornton Hundred believes hand-crafted touches allows them to ensure perfect fitment every time, along with the ability to switch up designs on each build. Alongside this, each bike receives a hand-stitched seat that can be matched to any customer requirements, from Leather to Alcantara, Thornton Hundred can advise on the perfect choice tailored to the intended use of the bike.


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