Faithful to the legendary shapes of the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA, the Totem GT Electric opens up to a new aesthetic and technological concept of Gran Turismo.

After countless hours spent in research and development, starting from the prototype version of the GT, Totem has evolved its Gran Turismo vision to a higher standard, being able to connect the soul of its aesthete-driver to the maximum performance that can be found in a GT.

An intense team working, alongside the highest level of Italian craftsmanship and engineering, gave life to a new icon in the classic automotive world, a next-generation sports car with a legendary soul and cutting-edge technology: we have to change everything, to remain the same.

Totem GT Electric ethos is strong and relies on the ability to modernize, renew, moving toward a driving avant-garde without abandoning the classical soul.

The whole project is built around relentless research processes of engineering solutions that made it possible to overcome the mechanics and structures of the original GT, establishing new standards never achieved before.

Address: Monte Berico 24,

Tel: + 39 3463 799 155
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