For over 90 years, Touring Superleggera of Milan has been a Master Italian Coachbuilder, designing, engineering and hand-building some of the most elegant and original creations ever known to the automotive world. That tradition of quality and beauty is still alive today, as Touring continues to bring forth works of timeless grace and elegance, from bespoke one-offs and limited-series production runs for discerning private clients, to design studies, show cars, rolling prototypes and style models for the wider auto industry.

Every commission Touring undertakes is furthermore completed under one roof, from preliminary sketches to fully functional automobiles, and by the same small team of dedicated artists and craftspeople. The skills and equipment involved range from the earliest techniques and tools of manipulating metal inherited from Milan’s history as the preferred supplier of arms and armour to Europe’s best dressed knights, to cutting edge computer analysis of shapes, stresses and materials. No Touring project leaves the premises half-planned, or half-finished.

Of course, cutting edge innovation is itself something of a tradition at Touring Superleggera. From their successes in motorsport during the company’s very beginning years evolved a revolution in lightweight automotive body construction that led to the name itself, Superleggera, or Superlight, a weight-saving method of clothing vehicles in thin alloy panels supported by a skeleton of tiny steel tubes. It was this same spirit of engineering curiosity and free thinking that in turn led Touring to establish their own wind tunnel in the late 1930s, an industry first, and then basically forever change the way fast motorcars look, and perform.

Which is still what Touring does best: challenge established norms about what fast motorcars should be, how they should look, how they should make us feel. While never forgetting the love for power and beauty and style that stole our hearts in the first place.

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