Pioneering cleantech engineers, partnered with fabled Italian design studio, Pininfarina to create the Viritech Apricale. Combining advanced hydrogen fuel cell powertrain with Viritech’s patent-pending intelligent energy management system, Tri-VoltTM. The result is a zero-emissions hypercar with a weight to match petrol-powered competitors and half that of some battery-electric equivalents. Traditionally, hydrogen fuel cells have been used as range extenders for powertrains with batteries at their heart. Viritech have turned that approach on its head, developing a powertrain around multi- hundred kW fuel cell system supported by a lightweight but highly efficient battery. Delivering hypercar performance for Apricale, but at less than half the weight of typical BEV hypercars.

The multi-hundred kW fuel cells are combined with unique Ultra High Power lithium-ion battery cells and Viritech’s energy management system, Tri-VoltTM. While the fuel cells provide the main motive power for Apricale, the battery provides additional power for acceleration and high performance driving, as well as highly-efficient storage for regenerative braking energy.

The Tri-VoltTM Energy Management System and Viritech’s patent-pending power electronics enable a continuously variable mix of energy from both the fuel cells and the batteries. In addition, the very fast charge and discharge batteries enable the regenerative braking system to recover many times more kinetic energy than a traditional battery electric vehicle.

Until now, hydrogen storage on vehicle has been another key weight problem. To withstand the 700 bar pressure, most hydrogen storage tanks have a weight efficiency of only around 5% (ie 5kg of hydrogen requires a 100kg storage tank). Viritech’s engineers developed a radical solution. Viritech’s patent-pending Graph-ProTM technology uses lightweight composites and a graphene-enabled resin system, allowing the tanks to form part of the structural element of the Apricale monocoque. Further minimising weight, enabling a projected range of over 350 miles/560 kms before refuelling.

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