W Motors

Founded in 2012, W Motors is the first developer of high-performance luxury sports cars from the Middle East. Based in Dubai, the company is fully integrated with activities ranging from Automotive Design, Research & Development to Engineering and Manufacturing, as well as Automotive Consultancy within its Special Project Division.

Led by Founder & CEO Ralph R. Debbas and an expert management team, W Motors creates some of the most exclusive and technologically advanced vehicles on the market today in partnership with leading automotive engineering and manufacturing companies from around the globe.

The first hypercar created by W Motors was the Lykan HyperSport, which featured in Universal Studios’ Furious 7. With only seven cars in existence, the Lykan HyperSport is handcrafted and sports a full carbon-fibre body, a patented reverse dihedral door system, a jewel-encrusted key with diamond-lined headlights, and a “holographic” interactive display.

The all-new Fenyr SuperSport is the latest hypercar to be launched by the company, a limited edition with a production run of only 100 cars in addition to 10 Fenyr SuperSport “Launch Editions”. Featuring a reverse-opening door system and active aerodynamics. The Fenyr SuperSport’s exterior body is crafted in carbon-fibre with extensive use of graphene composite.

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