ATS CORSA RR Turbo SERIE CARBONIO – More supercar and more technology.

Last year ATS CORSA succeeded in creating a unique project with the RR Turbo CLUB SPORT (2022 sale price 145k euro), achieving an optimal balance between low costs and high performance.

Now it is raising the bar of performance even higher, while maintaining the same distinctive manufacturing quality, and presenting the new version to the market: SERIE CARBONIO.

ATS CORSA aims to break current market standards by offering this extremely fast, powerful and light ‘fuoriserie’ at just 164k euros. A car with low maintenance costs and a sensual and unmistakable Italian charm, typical of the cars born from the ATS Style Centre.

The complete autoclave-moulded carbon fiber bodywork can also be chosen by customers with a gloss or matte finish just like on the most expensive hypercars. The choice of carbon fiber allows the car to achieve an exceptional power-to-weight ratio of 1.38 kg/hp when considering a maximum power output of up to 600hp and a dry weight of just 830kg.

Once seated inside, drivers will feel projected into the world of F1. The new technological jewel is in fact the ultra-compact 300mm multifunction steering wheel on which ATS CORSA has worked meticulously to be able to insert a large 5.5″ TFT display, guarantee a perfect grip and gain a good 7cm of extra space above the driver’s legs compared to a traditional steering wheel.

It is CNC machined from blocks of high-quality Ergal, while the management software and technological components were developed by the specialist Teknogear.

Of the two knobs, the green one allows selection of 3 engine power maps while the red one allows up to 12 settings for traction control.


  • Carbon bodywork (only 25kg);
  • 18″ ATS Corsa solid milled forged wheels;
  • CNC machined Ergal F1-style high-tech steering wheel with large 5.5″ TFT display and integrated paddleshift;
  • Frontal security crashbox in Honeycomb;
  • Manual three-way dampers (electronic on request);
  • Complete carbon and Ergal intake system with further reduced weight;
  • Pneumatic lifting system with 3 AirJacks;
  • Winner Techno Package. On request, for the most demanding drivers, it offers 12-way Traction Control and assisted gear shifting.

The CARBON SERIES complies with the FIA parameters for E2 classes and can therefore be a valid choice for teams, championship organizers and private investors who will be able to create one-make ATS championships with this car. It is suitable for use in existing championships such as the 24h Series, Britcar Championship, Formula X Italian Series, Fara USA etc.

It appeals to a wide audience thanks to its low price and running costs together with its high handling and performance qualities.

The broad spectrum of competitions for which it is eligible, allow it to represent a new opportunity for professional drivers, for gentleman drivers who want to race on the track with a competitive, intuitive and beautiful car or for drivers who want to have fun on trackdays.

ATS is already present in the USA, UK, Benelux markets through specialized dealers and will soon be present in other markets.

The entire production for 2021 is sold out and the first deliveries for the 2022 season are scheduled by the end of this year.

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