David Brown Automotive to deliver latest Speedback GT commission to Germany in beautiful ‘Blue Moon’

David Brown Automotive has completed its latest build of a striking Speedback GT, finished in their bespoke brilliant ‘Blue Moon’ hand-painted finish. A true example of personal expression, the grand tourer is destined for a customer in Germany and is a showcase of David Brown Automotive’s ability to offer bespoke solutions for any style, with this car custom-built with a number of exclusive accessories and bespoke options.

The iconic Speedback GT model – the staple of David Brown Automotive’s product line-up since the famous British brand was launched in 2013 – underwent an 8,000-hour build process at the luxury sports car maker’s purpose-built Silverstone manufacturing facility, where the company crafts its Mini Remastered and Speedback GT cars by hand, carried out by highly skilled technicians who specialise in traditional coachbuilding techniques.

This latest Speedback GT order was entirely bespoke, with a completely unique combination of handcrafted leathers, wood veneers, bespoke brightware plating and unique picnic seat feature. Every Speedback GT made by the Silverstone outfit is a unique masterpiece, with this newest car distinguished not only by its blue hue but also with its bespoke build extras. The car will be delivered with 19-inch polished stainless steel wire wheels for use in the summer, surrounded by David Brown-branded tyres, developed specially for this wheel option by British firm, Avon Tyres. The car is also handed over with a set of bespoke Union Flag-inspired alloy wheels for the winter months. A black mesh satin grille is fitted, complete with inset auxiliary LED lighting.

Inside the Speedback GT, the car is given a one-of-a-kind look and feel with hand-crafted Elm Burr satin lacquered wood veneers and a ‘Tabak’ tan leather interior that gives light colour shades to complement the tint of the extensive wood materials used throughout. All of the brightware has been milled from solid billets of aluminium and then plated in nickel chrome to give additional warmth to the cabin.

The jewel in the crown of this Speedback GT’s interior options list is a custom drinks set that holds the owner’s preferred gin and tonic and two crystal highball glasses, along with a bespoke woollen picnic blanket, situated underneath the picnic seat that extends out of the boot of the car, a feature made famous by Speedback GT. This bespoke addition can be specially designed for customers who want to serve passengers drinks, or to park up for the night and enjoy a G&T. This customer spent a day at David Brown Automotive’s headquarters in Silverstone to refine their bespoke specification, settling on the drinks set as a ‘quintessentially British’ signature of the car.

This Speedback GT will be delivered to a customer in Germany. David Brown Automotive has sales representation in both Düsseldorf at the Classic Remise centre and also through M.A.S. Style, based in Wuppertal, whom it appointed in May 2019. David Brown Automotive’s worldwide reach extends beyond Germany, with a brand presence also in Japan and Hong Kong with further sales partners to be announced over the coming months. Customers interested in products from David Brown Automotive outside of these markets should contact the UK headquarters for a bespoke solution to sales and aftercare.

Michelle Gay, Sales and Marketing Director at David Brown Automotive, said:
“We’re very proud of our entire product range, and while much of our volume comes from Mini Remastered models, enquiries and sales of Speedback GT have remained consistent since its launch and thanks to its timeless styling and superb build quality, the model remains a mainstay of our portfolio. Speedback GT is a practical, versatile and highly adaptable grand tourer that can be personalised in many ways. This latest Speedback GT finished in ‘Blue Moon’ is a great example of how a car can be tailored for a customer with their own ideas.

“We’re a hard-working British brand and we’re demonstrating that we can deliver our luxury products on a global stage. This latest delivery of our Speedback GT to Germany demonstrates that there remains a demand for high-end, hand-crafted and bespoke design cars all over the world, all the time.”

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