EV Technology Specialist Electrogenic Reveals Customer Jaguar E-Type Fitted with ‘Drop In’ EV Kit.

British EV company Electrogenic, renowned internationally for its market-leading, classic car EV conversions, has revealed the first customer Jaguar E-Type (or XK-E) fitted with one of its game changing plug-and-play, ‘drop-in’ EV conversion kits.

The stunning 1962 Series 1 Roadster has been transformed by the Oxford, UK based firm’s revolutionary, proprietary EV powertrain kit – future-proofing the beautiful British design icon for years to come.

The easy to install, entirely reversible package – which can be fitted by one of Electrogenic’s growing international network of partner installers – gives the stunning 1960s machine sensational, clean electric performance – transforming useability and ensuring total reliability.

Thanks to Electrogenic’s clever packaging and innovative battery pack construction, the electrified classic is also lighter than the original ‘60s machine.

The ‘drop-in’ kits feature the innovative tech that has underpinned Electrogenic’s sustained growth in recent years – developed and honed over the course of countless bespoke EV conversion projects. The kits are offered globally via Electrogenic’s partner network.

Steve Drummond, Co-Founder, Electrogenic, said: “We’re delighted to reveal the first customer E-Type fitted with our game-changing drop-in conversion kit. Thanks to our cutting-edge, proprietary EV technology, the E-Type – for many the most beautiful car of all – is now just as good to drive as it is to look at. Our drop-in kit range preserves this true British design icon for the future, ensuring it can be admired – and enjoyed – by generations to come.”

The Jaguar E-Type conversion package is just one option from Electrogenic’s comprehensive ‘drop-in’ kit range, offered under Electrogenic’s ‘Powered by Electrogenic’ technology arm. The outfit also offers ingeniously packaged, easy to install, EV powertrain solutions for the Land Rover, classic Mini, Porsche 911 and Triumph Stag, future-proofing these iconic models.

The drop-in kits are carefully designed so they’re simple to install; they can be easily fitted by a qualified technician. Slotting neatly into the existing architecture of the vehicle, they are also entirely reversible.

The kits are offered alongside Electrogenic’s world-renowned bespoke conversions.

The ‘drop-in’ kit range is offered internationally through a rapidly-growing network of partner installers; these include several outfits in the USA. The kits are offered alongside Electrogenic’s world-renowned bespoke conversions.

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