Ferrari 365 GTS/4

This particular Ferrari 365 GTS/4 will be joining us in the Riviera Cruising 50s & 60s Class for the world-renowned Chubb Insurance Concours d’Elégance at Salon Privé. This car was imported into the U.K. in 1972 and was the last RHD (1 of only 7) brought into the UK, with only 122 factory-made spiders being produced. This Daytona Spider was also featured in the December 1973 issue of Motor magazine; this beautiful example now being Ferrari Classiche certified.

Without the fastback roofline that endowed the berlinetta with such character, the Daytona Spider substantially re-imagined Pininfarina’s design, making it perhaps even more aesthetically dynamic than the original, thanks to its unfettered beltlines. The Daytona Spider has since evolved into one of Maranello’s most celebrated models, forever remembered as the company’s final vintage grand touring spider.

The engine was a twin overhead camshaft per bank V12 unit used, with factory type reference 251, of 4390cc capacity, with a bore and stroke of 81mm x 71mm, and featured dry sump lubrication. It was fitted with a bank of six twin choke Weber carburettors, with twin coil and distributor ignition, producing circa 350bhp.

It’s predecessor, the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 recorded a 0-60 mph time of 5.4 seconds, a 0-100 mph time of 12.6 seconds, a standing start quarter mile time of 13.4 seconds at a terminal velocity of 104 mph, and a top speed of 174 mph, a figure that remained as their road test record for many years.

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