Introducing the first 777 Hypercar

Monza, Italy – 20 December 2023

The new 777 Hypercar is a fearsome 900kg track toy with a Dallara motorsport monocoque and a 789bhp naturally aspirated V8.

Limited to just seven examples and priced from €7 million (£6,030,000), the Hypercar takes design and engineering influence from LMP1 prototype racers.

However, it has been designed for private track use, rather than competitive motorsport, like the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro and Ford GT MK IV.

This means it can use an unrestricted version of the Gibson V8 that has powered some LMP1 cars.

The engine itself is powered by e-fuels, which is said to guarantee a 65% reduction in CO2 emissions.

777 said: “Our mission is to create the ultimate track-use only hypercar for private owners, becoming the reference in the automotive industry for performance and innovation.”

The ferocious power and low weight results in a top speed of 229mph, a speed at which the Hypercar is said to develop 2100kg of downforce and jaw-dropping lateral acceleration of 4g.

It also features a ‘push to pass’ function like top-class endurance racers. This gives the driver increased power for short periods and allows the V8 to reach a redline of 9000rpm.

Its abilities on track have been honed at Monza, where it has an estimated lap time of 1min 33sec – some 2.4sec faster than the pole lap achieved for the 2023 6 Hours of Monza by a Toyota GR010 Hybrid LMH hypercar.

Customers will be able to learn race tracks around the world using 777’s artificial intelligence-based virtual coaching while sitting at the wheel of a real Hypercar.

They will attend courses at either the Varano circuit in Italy or Indianapolis in the US to train themselves for the extreme forces exerted on them by the car.

They will also have to wear a race suit developed by 777 to monitor their heart rate, temperature and oxygen levels.

Discover more at: Autocar

777 hypercar is the result of excellent collaborations: engineered by Dallara, powered by Gibson and styled by Umberto Palermo Design. 777 hypercar is at the top for performance thanks to an FIA-homologated carbon monocoque, sophisticated aerodynamics developed by Dallara, which generate an incredible downforce of 2,100 kg at a speed of 370 km / h, an extremely low weight of only 900 kg, and a lateral acceleration from of 4 g that keeps the car literally glued to the asphalt. The engine is a naturally aspirated V8, 4,500 cc of displacement, which develops 800 hp at 9,000 rpm, powered by synthetic fuels.

777 hypercar is the result of what the most advanced and innovative automotive engineering has to offer: a model not designed to race, but to offer private customers a very high performance hypercar for exclusive use on the track, inspired by endurance models but developed without having to comply with any type of technical regulation. The estimated lap time for the 777 hypercar at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza is 1 minute and 33 seconds.

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