Palladium: Never left alone

The Italian hyper-limousine Aznom Palladium, a focus in automotive conversation all around the globe, is without a doubt a vehicle with unique and fascinating characteristics. And such a precious object shouldn’t be left abandoned not even for a short moment.

With this in mind Aznom has signed a partnership with MGH SYSTEMS ITALIA, an “IoT Company” (Internet of Things) involved in research and development of innovative solutions for the automotive sector, aiming at creating specific solutions for distance-monitoring of vehicles.

The agreement between the two companies of what is now known as the “Monza Automotive District”, has brought to the release of a new version of Wheeliot for luxury cars, a highly evolved “IoT” platform capable of constantly checking and monitoring all the vehicle’s data.

The Wheeliot device will be installed on every Palladium and will be able to read thousands of pieces of data in real-time through the CAN-Bus network of the car, and additional parameters measured by specific sensors tied to the electronic control unit. This data will then be shared with the common central analysis platform from 190 countries through mobile phone and communication networks.

This means that every owner of a Palladium will be able to easily have access and check any parameter on the car on his smartphone or tablet from any location.

Aznom will also be able to monitor the state of the vehicle and to assess its “health”, promptly suggesting both preventive or necessary maintenance.

In order to safeguard the client’s private information, Aznom will only receive technical data from the car, while sensitive information (such as location, trip information, and so on …) will be protected and will be accessed solely by the owner.

Wheeliot also allows remote access to certain systems on the car such as the air conditioning system and the on-board fridge, but does not allow direct intervention on the electronic system that manages mechanical aspects of the Palladium. For the latter, the software works as pure remote diagnostics but can still guide direct interventions on the car, that can be easily completed by any repair workshop in the world.

Thanks to the partnership with MGH SYSTEMS ITALIA and to the installation of Wheeliot on Palladium, we will stay in touch with our vehicles and monitor their state wherever they might be – said Matteo Bertanelli, product manager at Aznom Automotive – by doing so we will give our clients an exclusive service by continuously checking that everything works to perfection. In collaboration with Marco Brivio, owner of MGH, we are considering offering this version of Wheeliot to other Hyper & Luxury car manufacturers.”

Also worth noting is that the Wheeliot system stores all data in a database that becomes the car’s true “certified biography”, that might come in hand in case the vehicle is put back on the market.

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