Salon Privé set to display the Alpine A110 ‘Légende’

Group Renault revived the sporty Alpine brand last year with 1,955 units of the A110 ‘Premiere’ edition which sold out in 5 days. At the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, Renault presented 2 new versions; the minimalist ‘Pure’ and comfort-orientated ‘Légende’. At the top of the range is the track-only GT4 which is the second racing version after the A110 ‘Cup’.

At Salon Privé, Alpine presents the ‘Légende’. Although more luxuriously equipped than the ‘Pure’ version, it remains true to Alpine’s core principles – agile, compact in size and lightweight, all of which led the original model of the early 70s to become such a sensational success on the international rally circuit.

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