Salon Privé to host the UK Debut of the Austro Daimler ‘Bergmeister’ ADR 630 Shooting Grand

The car seen here is the new ADR 630 Shooting Grand from Austrian manufacturer, Austro Daimler. Created as the spiritual heir to the original 1931 Bergmeister or ‘Mountain Master’, so-called because of its numerous successes in mountain races, the new car is a PHEV, or plug-in hybrid producing a staggering 1,198 bhp and 1,180 lb.ft torque from its Mercedes-AMG-sourced 3-Litre inline and 3 electric motors, each producing 271 bhp. With a curb weight of 1650kg, the car is capable of rocketing to 62mph in 2.5 seconds and on beyond 200mph yet it also has a range under purely electric propulsion, of up to 250km. With its ground-breaking technology and retro design, the car is part GT, part Shooting Break hence the title ‘Shooting Grand’. Its long, sweeping bonnet and low rear overhang provide perfect balance with outstanding road-holding to ensure an exhilarating driving experience


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