Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) officially launches ‘Mono One’

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) has officially launched ‘Mono One’ – a celebratory final edition of the iconic original single-seater supercar. The rarest model ever produced by BAC, just three examples of Mono One will be available worldwide: Iconic White, Carbon Black and Neon Red.

Mono One BAC

The Mono One special-edition trio brings to an end one of the most remarkable eras in British automotive history: BAC Mono. After 10 global production car lap records, dozens of high-profile awards and a number of revolutionary world firsts in the automotive industry, BAC is now ready to launch a brand-new generation of Mono to the world at the Geneva International Motor Show 2020. Mono One will be the final models manufactured before the new car goes into production for summer 2021.

As such, Mono One represents a true collector’s item, with a totally unique specification and a whole host of special-edition options as standard marking the trio out from Monos past.

The three editions of Mono One are made up out of BAC’s three corporate colours: white, black and red. They all feature visible carbon lower bodies, special-edition carbon-hybrid wheels finished in a unique colour scheme, brand new and unique logos across the car and commemorative plaques as standard, plus the usual scope for bespoke Mono personalisation, including made-to-measure seat and steering wheel.

BAC’s design team paid homage to Bjork’s 1999 ‘All Is Full Of Love’ music video when it came to creating Mono One, as the robot within said video inspired the car’s primary aesthetic when it was first designed over a decade ago. A Bjork-robot-inspired logo features on the wing and the headrest across Iconic White, Carbon Black and Neon Red editions.

The Iconic White edition sports the most famous colour of BAC Mono: gloss white – the colour of the first-ever Mono launched in 2011 at the Retro Classics Show in Stuttgart and indeed the most popular spec for Mono owners over the past decade.

The Carbon Black Mono One features stunning black visible carbon bodywork, with contrasting red logos, stitching and carbon-hybrid-wheel decals providing a striking edge. The Neon Red edition, meanwhile, is finished in an imposing red colour scheme with white painted body decals and sharp red detailing.

On top of a long list of standard features, Mono One also comes with a one-off helmet with Bjork-robot-inspired livery, accentuating the concept of the driver as an integral part of the car.

Ian Briggs, BAC Co-Founder and Design Director, said: “Mono One marks the end of a truly incredible era for BAC and, of course, Mono. We wanted to give Mono the perfect send-off and this car does exactly that – it’s super rare, with only three available, and has endless unique features that make it serious proposition for collectors. It’s the last chance to own a future classic! When we first designed Mono and drew inspiration from Bjork’s video, we did so with a dream of sharing the experience with our close friends and having a lot of fun in the process – never could we have ever visualised our growth around the world and just how many remarkable garages Mono now finds itself part of. It’s now time for a new generation of BAC Mono and a new bid for world domination. See you in Geneva.”

BAC will be exhibiting at the Geneva International Motor Show 2020 from 2-15 March.

Price: £158,950

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