Sports Car Manufacturer, Jannarelly to Launch Design-1 at Salon Privé

The Jannarelly Design-1 started out as one man’s dream to create the perfect car for himself! Having already designed the sensational W Motors Lykan HyperSport, the man in question, Anthony Jannarelly knew exactly what he was doing.

The car is designed for pure driving pleasure. More reminiscent of a 1960s Italian thoroughbred, the Design-1 has perfect sports car poise and balance sitting low and wide and with rear wheel drive configuration, the car provides an exhilarating driving experience. Built on a steel / aluminum tubular structure, the car weighs in at just 810kg in composite form or 760kg in all-carbon. With its 3.5 Litre Nissan-derived V6, the engine delivers a healthy 325bhp which is enough to propel the Jannarelly to 62mph in less than 4 seconds.

When asked what inspired him to create the Design-1, Anthony Jannarelly said “I was often asked if I drove a Lykan and the more I said no, the more I wondered what kind of car I would like to drive on a daily basis. I started sketching some ideas during a flight and then met my now partner, Frederic Juillot, who made boats and composite parts and is also based in Dubai.”

Initially, the idea was for Anthony to build just one car – for himself, however, this was just the beginning of the story. Their combined skills in design and composites quickly saw the Design-1 come to fruition and so, settling on a 3.5 Litre naturally-aspirated Nissan V6 engine for the power plant, they began to communicate details about the car via the internet to gauge interest. “Such was the enthusiasm”, said Anthony, “that we decided to go the whole way and launch our own sports car brand and so Jannarelly was born”.

Jannarelly offers a variety of different options for the Design-1 including hardtop, canopy cover and low-level windshield and both interior and exterior can be customized to the customers’ choice.

David Bagley, Co-Founder & Sales Director of Salon Privé said “I’m thrilled that Anthony and Thomas Ceccaldi, Director of Jannarelly Paris have selected our event to launch the thrilling Design-1 to the UK market. In spite of our continued growth, we have been able to maintain the ambience and atmosphere that makes Salon Privé such a unique boutique event and it is this environment that I believe is perfect for presenting such a specialised brand as Jannarelly. By and large, the guests who attend the event are knowledgeable, well-heeled enthusiasts and I’m confident that they will welcome this fabulous new sports car brand when it is unveiled on the lawns of Blenheim Palace.”

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