Enjoying Salon Privé Safely

Enjoying Salon Privé Safely

With a guaranteed full refund in place for all three days of Salon Privé (excluding private dining bookings) you can purchase your tickets with confidence.

You can also have reassurance in your safety at Salon Privé this year, as we introduce a raft of social distancing measures, designed to make us a COVID-19 Secure event.

So, what makes us so different and why do we believe we will open when others cannot? Quite simply, the format of our event is unique and adapts itself perfectly to social distancing. We are the only event with a secure, private enclosure, and of course we can therefore restrict daily entry to whatever numbers the Government deems to be safe at that time. Salon Privé has always attracted the right crowd without crowding and this year will be no different as we promote #ComingTogetherKeepingApart.

As a highly sociable event, uniquely intimate and uncrowded, we are able to accommodate a robust social distancing policy in line with Government and Public Health England guidelines. Our plans include:

  • Temperature Testing on arrival
  • Isolation Room and Medical Team on site
  • Widened passageways around the event to allow for social distancing
  • Multiple Food & Bars points to reduce queuing
  • All dining areas set up with tables no larger than six, positioned 2m apart
  • Wine waiters to top-up Champagne and drinks throughout the day
  • Hand Sanitiser at all guest points

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We look forward to welcoming you to Blenheim Palace this September for the most exclusive Autumn gathering.


Government guidelines suggest 10m2 per person at an event to ensure adequate social distancing. The Salon Privé Show Ground is 25,500m2 and with 2,000 guests expected per day, we are comfortably within those limits.


Before entering you must have completed a track and trace through our own app. On arrival, you will then have your temperature tested and hands sanitised. A sub-37.8°C reading will see you move quickly into the event, while anything greater refers you to our St John’s Ambulance Isolation Room. A further test will be conducted 15 minutes later where you will be permitted entry, or arrangements will be made to send you safely home, with a full refund of course.


Main hubs such as sponsor marquees and large seating areas will be sanitised five times per day using hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which kills 99.99% of germs in under 1 minute. It is produced by the body to naturally fight microbes, so is completely non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-alcoholic, non-irritant and perfectly safe for human use.


To maintain hygiene within the event, medical-grade EN1500 standard hand sanitiser will be available throughout, along with antibacterial soap in all washrooms.

We encourage guests to sanitise regularly, especially after coughing or sneezing.


Wednesday – Thursday – Friday
Luncheon and Afternoon Tea will be served in individually wrapped luxury food hampers prepared by Absolute Taste, the very same caterers who provide the dining experience with us every year. Available in five dietary varieties, we are committed to catering to guests’ requirements and preferences.

The only catering within the Event on Saturday 26th September are Gourmet and Luxury Food Hampers, each pre-packed for two people. These MUST be pre-ordered before 14th September via our website and are available in three dietary varieties; meat, vegetarian or gluten-free.


Wednesday – Thursday – Friday
Pommery Champagne, wine and soft drinks will be readily available within all main food hubs. In an effort to reduce any queuing at bars, wine waiters will be deployed across the event, so please do use them as your first call.

Paid-for bars are available throughout the event (card only purchases). Please be mindful of social distancing as you use these areas throughout the day.


We are working very closely with exhibitors to ensure appropriate levels of hygiene and social distancing are maintained. Measures will include marked ‘In’ and ‘Out’ channels on stands and the regulation of guest numbers allowed on a stand at one time.


Our History

When conceiving their own event, it was the exclusivity, elegance and ambience of early Concours that inspired brothers, Andrew & David Bagley.




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